The Best Treatments for Patio Doors

Patio or sliding doors can be tricky. Most people want to be able to go through their doors with relative ease.

However, the main consideration of a patio door is the windows around it.

If the patio door is beside another window with its own treatment, we recommend matching so they look best aesthetically.

However, functionality wins over looks any day.

Here are our favourite recommendations for your patio door:

2-on-1 Headrail Dual Shade

2-on-1 Headrail Shades are exactly as the name implies. This shade has one big headrail with two independently controlled shades on the left and right side.  That way, if you wanted to go out to your deck, it’s easier to manage bringing up just one side as opposed to the whole thing.

Bifold Vinyl Shutters are hard-wearing, looks great, and can give some insulation. This is the best choice if you have a large dog or furry pet that can get tangled in your blinds. We prefer this over the bypass shutters because you can fold these out of the way for ease of use.

Eleganza are a mix between drapery and vertical blinds. You can tilt them for privacy and draw them to the side when you need to go through your patio door. In the meantime, they look rich and beautiful too!

Panel Tracks can also be drawn to the side. They consist of panels of fabric that can be stacked. They’re very easy to use. They use the same fabrics as a roller shade so you can use the same fabric for them and keep the consistency in your window coverings.

Vertical Cellular Shades are less well-known but are the very best insulating window covering for your patio door. They can stack to the side and comes in a variety of fabrics. They also feature one of the smallest depth profiles which are great for small spaces.

PVC Vertical Blinds can also be used for patio doors. Over time, the vanes can start falling off when the PVC cracks so vanes need to be replaced. The style aesthetic is more traditional as well. However, this is still a good cost-effective choice.

Pro tip: Take your window treatments further and just motorize them! That way, you can click a button, open your treatments and wow your guests (and yourself!).


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