What happens during the free in-home consultation?

  1. Walk-through

It’s important for us to get a sense of your space. We want to personalize your window treatments so it works for you. Every single room has different needs and we account for that with our recommendations. For example, is it a bedroom, a living room or a kitchen sink window? Where do you get the most sun? Is insulation an issue? Do you have glare on your TV or computer screen? Do you want to automate your shades? Determining the answers to these questions will help us present you choices that make sense for your lifestyle.

2. Measurements

Depending on the type of window covering chosen, different measurements are required. There is no such thing as a “standard” sized window. We typically take 3 width and 3 height measurements per window. We consider your trim, your window depth, and the placement of latches and cranks for your windows. We also consider the other windows around each window. Do we need to align your treatments? Do you have an open concept area or is the window by itself? When you control your shades, are there any obstructions in the way? We take pride in our measurements and that’s what makes them custom!

3. Design Consultation

This is where the fun begins! We are a mobile blinds shop! We can show you many different options for your windows, going over different fabrics, colours and styles. We consider the vibe of your design aesthetic so that not only are your window coverings functional, they also look fantastic. We carry all our sample books with us so you have infinite selection (some might say, too much selection!). However, we are well-versed finding the right style for you and we can help you make decisions.

4. Quotation

Based on everything you pick, we provide an immediate quote. We prefer to give you a breakdown of the cost of every single window and option, as opposed to an overall price. The installation cost is also provided. We are very transparent to the costs involved because at the end of the day, window coverings can get expensive! They are custom-made, after all. We like to think that with us, you get the most bang for your buck and that’s why we only carry manufacturers with a solid track record in the window covering industry. As for us, our reviews speak volumes of our satisfied clientele.

If you’re convinced, give us a call today and book your FREE consultation!

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